About Me

My Background

I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and legitimately thought I was straight until I was 19, which I open with only because it's very funny and explains a lot about both my work and my personally neuroses. My family has always encouraged and supported my impulse towards the creative fields however, and so I've been very lucky to live among lovers of the arts. I have a BFA in Art History from Concordia University, a Graduate Certificate in Scriptwriting from Algonquin College, and am halfway through a MFA in Documentary Media at Ryerson University. 

The moniker "a. crookedmouth" is actually just a play on my name, Anna Campbell, as "a" is my first initial and "Campbell" is the anglisation of the Scots Gaelic "cam beul," which means "crooked mouth."

My Work

I dabble in pretty much any visual medium I can get my hands on, from graphic design and illustration, to mixed media and collage, to web video and film. 

Conscientiously feminist and queer, I also love bold colour and dynamic shapes, and above all want to make my work feel immediate and emotional.